Editing online

What is Editing Online?

Relevant content, good grammar, correct syntax and a consistent legal referencing style are crucial for getting your message across to lecturers, which in turn will lead to better marks.

Editing Online allows organised students to have their work thoroughly proofread by a professional with a First Class Honours degree. Lawskool's professional proof reader, will edit your work and provide comments using the track-changes feature in Microsoft Word. You can then either choose to accept or reject the suggested comments and changes.

Lawskool would like to encourage students to write well. The intention is that instead of simply accepting the suggestions, you will understand your mistakes and be less likely to make them in future. Writing well is a great skill and will serve you throughout any future career you may undertake.

How to have your work edited

Send your document (saved in MS Word or RTF format), as an email attachment, to

Please provide the total word count of your essay and the date by which you require the essay to be returned to you by e-mail.

Your work will be thoroughly proofread, changes made using 'track-changes', and will be promptly returned to you.

[Please provide specific requirements of your editing needs. For example, please state what you would like to predominantly focus on e.g content, grammar, formatting, referencing style, etc. If you don't specify, the final document will cover general aspects].

Payment Method: On receipt of your work, we will confirm receipt via email, quoting the price for editing (as per the pricing structure below) and provide you with details on how to pay.

Please note that, as a matter of privacy and confidentiality, we will not retain your work in any form once it has been edited and sent back to you.

[Please note that we require a 3 day turn around. For example, if your essay is sent at 11:45pm Monday, we will return it to you no later than 11:45pm on Thursday (it is most likely that we will return your essay well within the three day limit)]

Pricing structure:

1000 words = £20
1000 - 2499 words = £30
2500 - 4999 words = £50
5000 - 7499 words = £70
7500 - 10000 words = £100

If you would like to submit a document in excess of 10000 words for proof-reading, please contact us first for a quote. 

 Important Information and Disclaimer

We will only advise on content, grammar, syntax and style using track changes in MS Word. WE DO NOT CHANGE ESSAY CONTENT nor can we advise on sources of information. If you are not happy with the changes suggested or any other part of the service, we will refund your payment. If you specifically require feedback on structure and style, or other specific aspects of your work, we can provide you with preliminary suggestions and/or advice, providing that you request it. We can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of these suggestions. Lawskool's intention is to encourage students to produce work of the highest quality they can. We cannot do your work for you. The best way to produce the best work is to learn all you can and take pride in what you do.